Joining the choir

TCS is open to all comers!
Membership is currently £120 for annual subscriptions, or £40 x 3 for termly subscriptions (there are 3 terms per year).

Please download the Subscription Form (which includes a Gift Aid declaration, if appropriate) and forward with your cheque to: TCS Registrar, 'Mel-Subri', Orsett Road, Horndon-on-the-Hill, Essex SS17 8NS.

Although the choir works to a very high standard, there are no auditions.  Instead, several times a year we hold 'open rehearsals', to which any and all are welcome to come along, join in and get a feel for the unique experience of choral singing.

Still not sure? Check out our list of F.G.E.  -  Frequently Given Excuses (...for not joining)
Over the years, we've heard 'em all.  Here are a few, with our responses:

1. I've never sung in a choir.
Good! We prefer a 'blank canvas'
2. I'm afraid of auditions.
So are we - we don't have any!
3. I usually sing off key.
That's fine: we sing off sheet music.
4. I can't read music.
Neither can Sir Paul McCartney.
5. I have a terrible voice.
Don't worry, we can put you next to some loudmouths.
6. I have a hearing difficulty.
So did Beethoven.
7. I'm tone deaf.
As long as it's the right tone...
8. I don't have the time.
We can find you a watch.
9. I can't sing solo.
Relax: we always get professionals in for those.

To find out more, phone 01268 963868 or email us via the 'contact us' page.
Go know you want to!